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Partnership with TridenIPTV

To be or not to be, this is the question, being a reseller without any headache on technical issues, or not, paying a lot of money for a lot of big servers with abuse problems, overload issues, controlling and monitoring costs, DDOS attacks, paying for Xtreme panel licenses, exchanges, buying restreams, adding and removing channels, monitoring all of the channels every day, getting storage servers for VoD, finding and downloading videos for VoD, … off, there is a lot of things you need to control it to be an IPTV Provider, but why should you do all of this if there is a better way to earn money? you can have a reseller service from Triden IPTV with your own brand and own DNS, and sell the best IPTV service to your clients. there is no headache if you be a reseller, the only hard thing that you should take care of is buying credits from us.

let me explain more, You will have access to a dashboard just like us, to create IPTV accounts for your own clients, and send credentials to your clients. but where does it make costs for you? Yes, always there are some costs, and for Triden IPTV Reseller service, you have to buy credits from us, and use them to create your client accounts, but there is a lot of difference between what you pay to us, and what you earn from your clients. for example, buy 150 credits from us with 149.99 $, and you can create your client accounts, for example, a 12-months service = 30 credits = 30$, (we sell 60 $ to our clients). I mean with 149.99 $ you can create 5 x years, and sell it to your clients, it means about 50% profit!
You don’t have to think about support, we will cover all for you, you don’t have to take care of the quality of service, we do it 24×7 all day. Just sell and sell and sell. its all!
So, let’s start!